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HOME Custom Design was formed to provide exceptional full-service drafting and design to homeowners, home builders, and businesses in Idaho. Experience the HOME difference.

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More About Our Lead Draftsman

Steve Johnsen is our Lead Designer/Draftsman. Steve’s passion for his work is a life long dream and commitment. He has a strong philosophy of defining the difference between a house and a HOME. He likes to ask his clients the tough questions to help them to recognize what they are looking for in their HOME; what have they liked since they were a kid, what do they like now, and what will they like in the future. He knows his job is done when a client can see themselves in their HOME forever. Using the latest technology in an ever advancing world has always been of the upmost importance to Steve. By using computer aided design software, he creates a 3D design that allows every client the opportunity to see their HOME in a “completed” form. This in turn help the client to stay on track in build time and budget, which he knows is important. 

Steve grew up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota. He has always had a passion for HOME design. From a young age he could always be found sketching floor plans and building houses out of blocks and anything that could be found on the farm. He always knew he wanted a future in HOME design.

After graduating High School he served a 2-year service mission for his church in Idaho. This is where his love for the State of Idaho began. Steve attended the Brigham Young University - Idaho, where he met and married his wife, and he earned an Associates Degree in Architectural Technologies in 2013. They moved to Dallas, Texas for 3 years where Steve worked as an intern in an Architectural Firm and then worked as a Draftsman for a Custom Home Designer while he attended a year of Architectural School at the University of Texas at Arlington. After this first year Steve realized that his passion of designing HOMES was being pushed aside in order to become an architect and he came to the realization that he did not have to be an architect to be a HOME Designer.

He continued to work as a draftsman and he and his wife decided to return to Idaho to finish his degree. Steve started as an intern with Guardian Homes in 2016 where he implemented in-house design for the company. He graduated in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Construction Management. Since then, Steve has designed many HOMES for clients in Texas, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. His designs have also been featured in the Eastern Idaho Parade of Homes

The HOME Custom Design Mission

"To serve home owners, builders and businesses to the highest standard in drafting and design." - Steve Johnsen

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We are dedicated to giving you the best service possible. There is a reason why we are called the number one custom home builders in Idaho Falls, and soon enough you'll know why. Building quality homes is our specialty, and we look forward to working with you!